Our Vision

We exist to glorify God.


Our vision is ancient and current: To glorify God by making disciples through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Because we believe God that we exist for His glory; the reason for our existence ought to be the chief priority of our hearts individually and corporately. We believe that God’s plan for the spread of His glory is through making disciples through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We offer no self-help strategies or ways to be a better version of you. Instead, we offer the infinite and expansive redemption, salvation, transformation, rest, peace, grace, joy… of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; all for the glory of God in heaven.

Sounds big.
What does that look like?

A gathering of His church living, meeting and ministering in the neighborhood it seeks to serve. Each member using the gifts God has given them through His grace to build up the body of Christ. The church plant will focus on discipleship as its means to evangelism but also ongoing spiritual maturity; with emphasis on teaching, apprenticeship and immersion in scriptural truths. A community resting in, but also compelled by the Grace of our Father.

Founded upon biblical doctrine from the Baptist tradition and relentless in its pursuit to be conformed to the image of Christ by the work of God through His written word, His revealed Word (Jesus) and His Holy Spirit.