The Process: with thought and intention while completely dependent in prayer.

How We Get There


Climate research: social, economic, geographic research through observation, documentation and conversation

Develop the Vision

In response to the research and the call of God, we developed why plant a church in Madison County.

Develop the Focus

In response to the research and the vision of the church plant, we developed a focus for the new church. This focus is born out of an understanding of who actually lives in the area and how we can best serve the neighbourhoods for the sake of the Gospel.

Develop what kind of Church

What structures, styles and ministries are needed in the defined area of the church plant.

Who will Join Us

The work of planting a new church is not easy and is a missional calling. We are looking for those who would like to join us in planting this new church with an understanding of the vision, focus and type of church we are looking to plant.


When there is a committed team in place and a space to gather, we will begin holding preview services that will culminate in a launch weekend of the new church.